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Caregiver Services in South Florida | Florida First Senior Home Care

Caregiver Services In Your Loved One’s Home

All types of seniors need home care for their own reasons. Whether it is needed short time for help around the house as a result of recovery from surgery, or long-term care of an aging loved one with dementia or other chronic conditions. We understand that each individual has their own specific needs, and all caregivers we refer are trained, certified, and experienced in a number of different areas to provide help with anything your loved one may need throughout daily life. All caregivers we refer are determined to go above and beyond to ensure that your loved one has their general care, home, and companionship needs to be addressed by their caregiver services. The intention of a referred caregiver is to make sure that seniors can live in the comfort of their own homes while also having all of their daily needs addressed. Different types of caregiver services that referred caregivers can offer can cover all the grounds so that you, your family, and the beloved senior in your life can be sure that each day is prepared for and ready to be taken advantage of!

Types of Caregiver Services Include:

General Care: We understand that as individuals age, they need help doing day to day activities so that they can utilize their independence. This is why Florida First Senior Home Care refers caregivers that can offer general care, which means that you or your aging loved one can have help whenever they need it for the general activities they need to perform daily. The caregiver referred to your loved one can help them perform general tasks that they otherwise would struggle to do alone. Help with general needs allows seniors to live a life they require to maintain a healthy lifestyle comfortably. General care services provided by referred caregivers may include:

  • Help with walking
  • Help with bathing
  • Help with transportation
  • Help taking daily vitamins or medications
  • Help with light housecleaning
  • Helping to prepare meals
  • Help with dressing

Home Assistance: More often than not, seniors and special needs individuals will need some kind of help around the house. One of the main drawbacks of choosing assisted living options for a senior family member is moving from home. With home assistance services provided by referred caregivers, seniors won’t have to worry about keeping their home in a safe livable condition without help and won’t have to move from the comfort of their own home. Caregivers can offer help with a number of different tasks that would otherwise be challenging or exhausting for your loved one. These services may include: Caregiver Services in South Florida | Florida First Senior Home Care

  • Assisting with laundry
  • Helping with light house cleaning
  • Picking up and organizing mail
  • Assisting with preparing clean bedsheets
  • Assisting with transportation
  • Picking up and managing prescriptions
  • Organization of closets or cabinets

Caregiver Services in South Florida | Florida First Senior Home CareCompanionship: We understand that you have a career and a family yourself, so you may not be able to provide companionship to your aging loved one at all times. Social and mental stimulation is imperative to maintaining health and overall wellbeing, not only for aging individuals but for everyone. Investing in referral home care services means that a trusting and compassionate individual can offer your loved one not only care but companionship every day. A caregiver referred by Florida First Senior Home Care ensures that your loved one always has someone to talk to when you’re not around, and someone to always keep their best interests in mind. Additionally, companionship services from referred caregivers can be geared toward maintaining healthy social relationships and mental stimulation so that seniors cared for by referred caregivers have the best chance for long-term well-being and contentedness. Companionship services that can be offered by referred caregivers through Florida First Senior Home Care may include:

  • Organizing family or friendly get-togethers
  • Writing letters of communication to family or friends
  • Transportation to social or community events
  • Playing mentally stimulating games
  • Reading novels or literature of choice
  • Managing social calendar and events
  • Help with home guests

Whatever service that you or a senior loved one needs to be provided, a referred caregiver by Florida First Senior Home Care will be able to meet your requirements. Ready to see if caregiving services are right for your family? Give us a call today to see what a caregiver referral service can do to help the senior in your life live with the help they need at 561-279-5470.

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