At Florida First Senior Home Care, we are committed to providing our clients with only the most dutiful and compassionate care givers.

We are a home health agency in Delray Beach, FL with a grand design to aid senior citizens with living the lifestyle they desire, while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

In order to achieve our goals, we employ care givers who meet our high standards of quality to procure maximum service and satisfaction for those we serve.

Due to the nature of care giving, it is of utmost importance to our clients and their loved ones that our care givers are not only fully certified to perform all duties required of them, but are also trustworthy. To do this, we require our care givers to have at least 2 years experience in the field prior to working with us. They also must provide a skills validation check by our RN Supervisor to guarantee our care givers possess all of the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the technical side of their job. Furthermore, we require stringent FBI-level 2 background screenings of all newly hired caregivers to ensure the safety of our clients.

Florida First Senior Home Care recognizes that every senior citizen we work with requires different services and cares and has specific preferences on how services and cares are carried out.

This is why we look to hire care givers who understand their responsibility to tailor their cares to the unique individuality of each client they serve. By employing sensitive and compassionate care givers who form friendly and professional relationships with those they serve, we are able to personalize cares for each client and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Honesty is another quality we look for in our care givers because it forms the foundation for a hardworking and ethical employee. When a care giver is honest with themselves and others, be less likely to settle for shortcuts which curtail the potential cares they can offer. Being honest is also vital for the safety of the clients as well as the continued progression of their care plans. An honest care giver who documents daily incidences accurately and appropriately and admits when they’ve made an error, gives great comfort to their clients and clients’ family.

At Florida First Senior Home Carecare, you can expect care givers who truly live their profession.

As a home health agency, we pride ourselves on having hiring standards of the highest quality to guarantee the senior citizens we serve are paired with experienced and trustworthy caregivers.

We understand that giving cares requires personal commitment to crafting an optimal experience for the persons served along with the honesty to give 100% in all aspects of care giving. We hope that when you are searching for the right care givers to take care of you or your loved ones, you will choose Florida First Senior Healthcare in Delray Beach, Fl. and experience firsthand the truly excellent service we provide.