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There are surgeries for a number of medical ailments which require recovery time. And, during these recoveries, patients may not perform the daily tasks they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle or even to survive. Additionally, recovering from surgery may include redressing bandages, cleaning wounds, administering medication, transportation to doctor appointments, and more, which a bed rested individual may not be able to accomplish alone. So, for patients who need help post-surgery, Florida First Senior Home Care can refer an in-home caregiver nurse. The nurses in our referral system are all qualified to give care to individuals who may need help during a recovery from surgery.

Post Surgery Care from the Comfort of Home

Post Surgery Care at Home in West Palm BeachSure, you could have a family member take care of you after surgery. But, family members may not have the medical experience needed to make sure you’re really getting all you need to recover effectively. Investing in a caregiver service to meet your needs after surgery can provide both you and your family the ease of mind you will need. Plus, the days immediately following surgery can be packed with pain and discomfort. In-home caregivers may be able to help ease this discomfort by aiding with movement, medication management, bathing, dressing, and more.

Types of Surgeries an In-Home Caregiver May Aid with during Recovery

Optic: Surgery to repair cataracts, vision correction, Glaucoma, corneal transplants, and other types of optic procedures may take a while to recover from. And, recovering from optic surgery may mean not being able to see for a while. So, those recovering from these types of surgeries may need even more help during recovery.

Cosmetic: Augmentations and cosmetic procedures will usually require anywhere from two days to a month of recovery. Some even require making as minimal movements as possible to prevent any repair later down the road. So, if you’re scheduling a cosmetic procedure which will require recovery, you may benefit from a home-caregiver service.

Joint Replacement: These major surgeries take much planning because recovery may be extensive. While you can expect for joint pain to subside and to return living normally, you’ll first need to let your new joint get used to its new body. And, you’ll likely have a list of doctor orders and recommendations to stick to. Having an in-home caregiver may take away the stress of these orders and help to relieve you of movements you’d otherwise be risking your new joints making.

Cardiovascular: Recovering from a heart surgery can take up to two full months. And, you’ll likely be instructed not to do many things to put your heart at further risk for other problems like lift heavy objects or even stand for more than 15 minutes. Because of these common restrictions and time of recovery, many choose to utilize the services of an in-home caregiver post heart surgery.

Spinal: Anyone of any age can develop back issues or injuries. And, there are a number of spinal surgeries available for the numerous issues that may arise. So, recovery from spinal surgeries and the restrictions afterward may vary by individual. Choosing to utilize a caregiver post back surgery may offer help with pain medication management and movement which may be needed for more major surgeries.

Taking Care of You When You Need it Most

After surgery, you’re at your most vulnerable. You don’t want to risk making things worse by not considering doctor recommendations for after surgery care. In fact, you’ll want to take special care and consideration to make sure you will heal from a surgery, and it wasn’t all for not. So, prepare for your surgery by preparing for the recovery. And, consider an in-home caregiver referred to you by Florida First Senior Home Care. We can match you with the referred caregiver who is best qualified to help you recover from your specific surgery and meet your individualized needs!

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