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With age comes health issues. And, while age may already be a concern for the family of an elderly person, health issues add even more stress to the mix. You may think that an aging loved one who has been diagnosed with chronic conditions has no other choice but assisted living in a nursing home facility. But, that’s just simply not the only option. Nurse caregivers may be effective at meeting the needs of senior chronic care patients who wish to continue living from home. And, Florida First Senior Home Care can refer this nurse in-home caregiver to your family for chronic condition care.

Home Caregiver Referrals for Chronic Conditions

Care for Chronic Conditions in South Florida | Florida First Senior Home CareThe mission of in-home caregivers is to provide a safe environment. So, when it comes to caring for the elderly with chronic conditions, referred caregivers may offer a number of services like scheduling doctor appointments, checking on vital health signals, sticking to nutrition plans, and more. Plus, nurse in-home caregivers are experienced in handling emergency situations. So, they’re certified to perform CPR and administer life-saving measures if and when needed.

Types of Chronic Conditions Which May be Addressed by Chronic Condition Care

Whether they have been obtained throughout seniority or prior, chronic health issues need to be addressed with treatment daily. And, individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic conditions need to adhere to specific doctor orders to reduce symptoms of the disorder and prevent unwanted circumstances like hospital visits. Some of the chronic conditions a referred nurse in-home caregiver may address include:

Diabetes: This chronic condition is one which may be affected by both lifestyle choices and treatment options. And, in-home caregivers may be able to help with both. Eating healthy and exercising is ideal for anyone with diabetes, especially the elderly. So, caregivers may help to establish better eating habits by preparing fresh meals and keeping meal adjustments in mind while grocery shopping. Additionally, some diabetes patients are required to administer insulin at mealtimes. In-home caregivers may be able to help with administration along with scheduling of medication so that a treatment is never missed.

Immune System Conditions: Those affected by immune system conditions need special care so that they don’t get sick when it could have been prevented. Sometimes, a compromised immune system can be caused by other medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation. Having an in-home caregiver certified to care for individuals with weakened immune systems can help you feel confident your loved one won’t be affected by any additional ailments as a result of poor immune health.

Heart Disease: A healthy diet and frequent exercise are crucial to maintaining health for people who suffer from heart disease. And, in-home caregivers may be able to help your loved one with heart disease meet the goals doctors have placed for managing health by meal preparation, help with exercise, and more!

Stroke: The lasting effects of strokes may vary from patient to patient. But, for many, experiencing a stroke may mean a loss of movement. This can make it hard to perform daily tasks. Home caregivers may be able to help perform these daily tasks so that life is less challenging for these individuals.

Cancer: Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is not only stressful but takes a lot of work. A family may not always be able to provide transportation for an elderly loved one to and from mandatory doctor appointments. And, they may not be able to provide the daily medications which may help an elderly individual get through cancer treatments. But, in-home caregivers may be able to help with all of these tasks compassionately and professionally!

Arthritis: The pain that comes with arthritis can be debilitating enough to keep aging individuals from performing the daily tasks they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With an in-home caregiver, those who struggle with arthritis may get the help they need to live a more productive lifestyle.

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