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In-Home Caregiver Referrals in West Palm Beach

Looking for home-care in West Palm Beach? Florida First Senior Home Care offers a referral service for families in South Florida who need additional help. Whether you need care during recovery from surgery, care for a chronic condition, or an aging loved one, we can pair you with the caregiver who may best meet your specific needs.

Choosing an In-Home Caregiver Service

Families choose in-home care over assisted living or other options for a number of reasons. Mainly, to allow their aging or recovering loved one the option to continue living from home rather than moving into alternative residences. Furthermore, to allow for continued independence while maintaining an individual’s dignity and integrity. If you’re looking for an alternative to assisted living or simply can no longer provide the medical or general care an aging loved one needs, consider an in-home caregiver.

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    Types of Services Provided by In-Home Caregivers in West Palm Beach

    in home care for momOur registry of in-home caregivers may provide a number of services. One of the many benefits of a referral service is the advantage of pairing caregivers with experience or qualifications to families with specific needs. Some of the specific types of care and services our referred caregivers may offer include:

    Nursing: Sometimes, aging individuals or those living with illness will require daily nursing care. However, assisted living or hospitalization aren’t your only options. Within our registry of in-home caregivers are also registered nurses who can provide for medical needs. Nursing caregivers may offer medication management, treatment administration, bandaging and wound cleaning, blood testing, equipment maintenance and use, and more.

    Chronic Condition Care: Individuals living with chronic conditions may require specific care. In-home caregivers may have the experience necessary to address the needs of these chronic conditions. This may include managing medication regimens and administering medications when needed.

    Post-Surgery Care: Whether an individual who has surgery is elderly or not, sometimes additional care is required after discharge from the hospital. So, our caregivers may offer temporary care for individuals recovering from home. During this care, caregivers may help with general needs, offer companionship services, and even provide household care.

    Senior Care: Obviously, we offer referrals of caregivers who are qualified and experienced with caring for senior individuals who wish to continue living at home. This allows aging individuals to remain in the comfort of their own homes while receiving the care they need to live independently.

    live in caregiver for elderlyConsidering In-Home Care for a Loved One?

    Many people are surprised to find that investing in in-home caregiver services are more affordable than they might think. Plus, even more, home care may be more affordable than alternatives like assisted living facilities. If your loved one wants to continue living at home but your family simply does not have the time, resources, or experience to offer care, consider in-home care. Contact us today and let us know of the specifics of your situation and the needs you require. We’ll then provide you with an estimate and further information on receiving a matched caregiver to your needs. Get the help you, your family, and your aging loved one needs through the caregiver referral service by Florida First Senior Home Care today.

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