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In-Home Caregiver Referrals in Ft. Lauderdale

Here at Florida First Senior Home Care, we provide referrals for certified, qualified, and compassionate caregiver in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Families of aging individuals deserve to have the caregiver services they need available to them at an affordable price. That’s why we’re committed to helping these families find the caregiver that best meets their expectations and budget. With a registry of hundreds of qualified caregivers, we work to help families in South Florida find a caregiver who may be in their lives for many years to come.

Our South Florida In-Home Caregiver Referral Service

Many families of aging individuals think the only option for caregiver services is to invest in assisted living. However, most aging individuals wish to continue living in the comfort of their own homes. In-home caregivers may offer the best of both worlds. They allow your aging loved one to continue living in the comfort of their own home while simultaneously receiving the care they need. However, while an in-home caregiver seems like a great option, many families don’t know where to turn to find a caregiver who meets their specific needs. That’s where Florida First Senior Home Care’s caregiver referral service comes in handy. With a wide network of licensed and certified caregivers, there is a caregiver ready to meet the needs of each family.

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    In-Home Caregiver Services Available in Ft. Lauderdale

    Our Service Locations | Ft. Lauderdale | Florida First Senior Home CareOur in-home caregivers may be qualified to offer a number of services based on your family’s needs. Some of these services include:

    General Caregiving: These services may include anything an aging senior may need help with. Some general care services include helping with walking, eating, bathing, clothing, and even light house cleaning. Some caregivers may also offer to provide transportation, prepare future meals, and help with medication management.

    Nursing: Within our network of caregivers include those with experience and qualifications to offer nursing services. While getting nurse care may be too expensive for many families, our referred caregivers may work on an hourly basis. And, offer help with bandage changes, medication regulation, medical machine upkeep, and more.

    Degenerative Care: Those diagnosed with degenerative disorders may need specific care services provided by an in-home caregiver. Care for these individuals may include help with preparing a healthy diet, exercise, ambulating, general daily tasks, and more. Many of the caregivers within our network may have experience helping to care for individuals with specific degenerative disorders. This way, you can be sure your loved one receives the exact care they require.

    Dementia Care: Individuals diagnosed with dementia conditions may suffer from loss of memory, an inability to focus, reduced ability to communicate, and an impairment in judgment. These symptoms may lead family members to believe that assisted living is a necessity. However, in-home caregivers can allow these individuals to receive the same care from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Caregivers may help individuals with dementia to perform daily tasks, manage dementia medications, and more.

    Our Service Locations | Ft. Lauderdale | Florida First Senior Home CarePost-Surgery Care: Elderly individuals may not be the only demographic of people who may require in-home care. Those recovering from a surgical operation may not wish to spend the time or money it takes to make a complete recovery from a hospital. Instead, consider an in-home caregiver to provide necessary care from home.

    Considering an In-Home Caregiver in Ft. Lauderdale

    Looking for an in-home caregiver to meet the specific needs of a loved one, budget, and schedule? Florida First Senior Home Care can help to provide a caregiver referral to meet your needs! If you have questions or wish to speak with us more about our referral service, please give us a call today at 954-800-6000. Or, send us a message from our website!

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