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In-Home Caregiver Referrals in Delray Beach

Florida First Senior Home Care offers referrals of experience, licensed in-home caregivers in Delray Beach, Florida. Our caregivers offer a number of services and types of in-home care to meet the needs of every individual. And, our referral program works to effectively pair each individual with the in-home caregiver who may best meet their specific needs. Whether you are looking for a caregiver to help for a few hours of the week or full-time, we can help find the best solution for you and your family. We dedicate ourselves to carefully matching caregivers to families who need affordable, quality in-home care.

The Importance of In-Home Care in Delray Beach

For many years, seniors have been coming to South Florida to share the warm sun and long, hot days with the rest of the state population. However, according to current census statistics, there are more individuals in Florida over the age of 65 than any other age group. Additionally, Florida has one of the highest populations of elderly individuals in the nation. So, that means there are millions of seniors in Florida who require medical attention or need help around the home who may not be getting the care they deserve. Here at Florida First Senior Home Care, our mission is to help seniors and families in South Florida who may not believe they can afford in-home help. And, to offer experienced, qualified, licensed caregivers who are compassionate about what they do.

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    Types of Home Care Available in Delray Beach

    Our caregivers may be able to meet many specific needs. Additionally, they can offer a few different types of care which include:

    Home Assistance: As individuals age or develop various health conditions, they may require more help around the house. This help may include helping with cleaning, setting up appointments, preparing meals, providing transportation, shopping, and more. With a home-caregiver, your loved one can have the help they need around the home met with compassion and trust.  

    In Home Caregiver Referrals in Delray Beach | Florida First Senior Home CareGeneral Care: Caregivers may be able to provide a number of general care services. These may include helping an individual to walk, bathe, dress, take medications, eat, and more. Sometimes, the family may not be available to care for an individual all hours of the day. With in-home care, you can rest easy knowing your loved one is being taken care of by an experienced professional.

    Companionship: While home-care is a great way to have the medical and general care needs of an individual met, it’s much more than just that. Studies show that people need other people in order for optimal mental health. In-home caregivers offer companionship for aging individuals and those who need to remain at home due to medical conditions or surgery. Companionship can mean playing games, reading books, planning and transporting for social visits, and much more.

    Need In-Home Care for a Loved One in Delray Beach?

    Whether you need care for an aging loved one, degenerative conditions, dementia, after surgery, or otherwise, we can help. Have questions about a caregiver schedule, specific services available, caregiver pricing, and the caregiver matching process, contact us today. Most families that utilize a caregiver for a dedicated length of time are paired with their caregivers through referral services like ours. Find out today if an in-home caregiver referral may be what you need to help a loved one who wishes to continue living at home.

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