The month of August has been declared by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as National Immunization Awareness Month. With the growing myth and belief that immunes are responsible for autism, U.S. citizens are starting to choose not to immunize their loved ones to prevent harmful and contagious diseases. In fact, last year in Minneapolis, the population had the biggest outbreak of Measles seen in the last 30 years because individuals have decided not to get their children vaccinated.

So, instead of actually protecting their loved ones, not getting immunizations actually places loved ones in danger of life-threatening diseases. Although it’s commonly believed that only youngsters need immunizations, they can be utilized to prevent a number of life-threatening diseases and conditions for the elderly as well. By creating National Immunization Awareness Month, we can spread the knowledge of these immunizations so that not only children can be protected from harmful conditions, but seniors as well.

Immunizations Seniors May Need

Just because seniors have been vaccinated as infants or children, it may not necessarily mean that they are up to date. There are a number of vaccinations that can be given to the elderly to prevent specific medical issues. These vaccines help to prevent:

  • The Flu
  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria
  • Whooping Cough
  • Pneumonia
  • Shingles

Some of these conditions, like pneumonia and the flu, can even be deadly. All are at least debilitating, even for individuals who aren’t seniors. The great thing about vaccines is that once they’re given, you can have peace of mind that your senior loved one will not have to deal with these conditions as they age and require more help. If you are unaware which vaccines you or your loved one should be getting, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has come up with a chart which provides information on vaccinations suggested for adults of specific age categories.

Get your Flu Vaccination Soon!

August a good time to get prepared for vaccines because it’s National Immunization Awareness Month. Additionally, it’s a good time because the flu vaccine starts to become available around this time. Flu season is from October to May, so August is a great time to get your whole family prepared. From your children to your elderly loved ones, every individual can benefit from the preventative measures vaccines take. If you are unaware of the effectiveness of the flu vaccine or want to learn more about how it can protect your family this winter, view to learn more. Protect your aging loved ones of the dangers of the flu with one simple solution, an immunization.

Using National Immunization Awareness Month as an Advantage

Disease has always been an issue for the human race. But, now we have protection against specific life-threatening diseases and conditions. Why on earth wouldn’t we utilize these defenses, especially when it comes to protecting our loved ones from them? Use National Immunization Awareness Month as your motivation for getting all of your loved ones the immunizations needed to live long and healthy lives free from preventable illnesses. Especially your senior loved ones.

Getting a Senior Home Care Referral through Florida First Senior Home Care

Does your senior loved one need more than vaccines this year? If you have an aging loved one who wants to spend their days at home instead of moving to assisted living, a home caregiver may be your best choice. Florida First Senior Home Care is a senior homecare referral service that utilizes a directory of certified registered nurses. These caregivers may be able to meet all of your loved one’s needs. If you would like to speak with us about a home caregiver referral, please give us a call at 561-771-5980.