By Bernard Block

>>> PHYSICAL ACTIVITY INTERVENTION FOR THE ELDERLY...Information released by the Dept. of Agriculture indicate that the elderly have more reasons than ever to join the ranks of those determined to get moving. Their study reported that by the age of 80 an estimated 40% of the muscle mass that are present at age 20 is lost. The data showed that elders aged 70 to 89 were at risk of becoming disabled due to lack of mobility when compared to those who participated in a physical activity intervention that included aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility training.

>>> ROBOTS HEADLINE AT CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW...Taking center stage were exoskeletons from ReWalk Robotics and others that enable paraplegics to walk. Robotic devices will give the elderly more mobility extra strength. Although now in their infancy, these robotics products are expected to grow exponentially in the future, according to Investor’s Business Daily.

>>> OLD PEOPLE ARE INVADING THE INTERNET...A survey by the Pew Research Center, which polled 2,000 adults in October 2014, uncovered a huge jump in seniors on every major social network; the number of seniors on Facebook grew 11 percentage points, to 56%and on Twitter and Instagram, networks where seniors haven’t traditionally made many inroads, their numbers doubled and sextupled. In addition, Pew also found that Facebook has grown among men, whites, college graduates and people in households making more than $50,000 a year. A new first was that a 114-year-old women joined Facebook.

>>> NEW POLLS SHOW SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENTS THINK GOVERNMENT MANIPULATES  CONSUMER PRICE INDEX…Conducted by The Senior Citizens League, 98% of respondents said “Yes.” Right now, the feds uses the percentage of increase in the Consumer Price Index to calculate the increase. The League says that those receiving benefits have lost about 31% of buying power since; League feels guaranteeing no less than 3% minimum would be fair, or by re-calculating the CPI for the elderly

>>> WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY CARE FACILITIES FOR THE ELDERLY & MARKET REPORT...Published annually by Barnes Reports, it features 2015 current and 2016 forecast estimates on the size of the industry (sales, establishments, employment) for the 61 largest countries. This is a handy report for those investors interested in companies involved with the industry.

>>> NEW PRODUCTS AND COMPANIES SHOWING AT THE CONSUMER ELECTRONIC SHOW IN LAS VEGAS…According to a blog by Laurie Orlov of Aging-in-Place, here are 2015 exhibiting companies for the older adult market:

Clarity Life Ensemble is launching a new product to help bridge the generational digital divide while also helping to share useful alerts and weliness info for both seniors and their caregivers; Evermind for those with elderly or special relatives or friends who live by themselves. Company has products alerting remotely when electrical appliances are switched on and off and will send a notification when an appliance is switched on for too long or not used withing a specified time period; GrandPad is a 7-inch tablet that is safe from viruses and telemarketers with long battery life with easy charging cradel, monthly priciding, administered family circle (via website) that is insured against damage and theft. Has many interesting apps; Honeywell LifeCare Seymour provides intelligence to collect, analyze and interpret health and lifestyle data from a wide range of sources.

>>> SENIORS FIND COMFORT IN POSTURE-IMPROVING PRODUCTS...BackJoy is bringing joy back into seniors’ lives to help those suffering from back pain and osteoporosis as a result of weakened back and core muscles. The company has a variety of seat cushions that help relieve strain on the back and correct posture called the SitSmart Pro and SitSmart Relief. The seats are portable and have memory foam surfaces for added comfort. They also have a line of StandRight shoes to help seniors keep good form while walking or jogging, which is very important as they begin to lose their balance; come in the form of sneakers, open-toe sandals and loafers for both men and women.

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