Caring for an aging loved one means paying attention to a number of their everyday activities.

Many elders do not get the nutrition they need, which can negatively affect both their physical health and their mental acuity. Caregivers that ensure they eat right may often be needed as part of good senior healthcare. Florida First Healthcare in Delray Beach, FL can help provide experienced caregivers for your loved one.

Nutrition for Seniors

Good nutrition is particularly important for seniors because their bodies need more nutrients for cell replacement, energy and maintaining good health. However, elders often have decreased appetite, which may cause them to eat less of the nutrients they need. In addition, dentures and a reduced sense of taste may cause them to eat less. Poor digestion can also affect dietary choices. Nutritional experts note that elders need a lower calorie diet because of reduced energy needs, but it must also be high in nutrition. Foods that are high in fiber, such as 100 percent whole grain bread or cereal can also help to reduce cholesterol levels.

Dietary experts at Tufts University suggest a diet that includes:

· Dry beans, poultry, lean meats, fish, eggs and nuts

· Brightly colored vegetables such as carrots and broccoli

· Deeply colored fruits such as berries and melons

· Low-fat yogurt and low-lactose milk products

· Whole grains, enriched grains and fortified breads and other products

· Liquid vegetable oils and soft spreads low in saturated and trans fats

· Plenty of fluids of various types to flush the kidneys and maintain good hydration

Problems Getting Good Nutrition
The elderly often do not eat the right foods in the right amounts. In some cases, they can’t get to the store regularly to buy fresh fruits and vegetables that would provide many necessary nutrients. In other cases, seniors may forget to eat, which can lead to serious nutritional problems. Still other seniors may indulge their taste for sweets, which can have a detrimental effect on their appetites for healthier foods. Our home health caregivers can provide light cooking to ensure that your loved one eats healthy meals on a daily basis.

Food and Medications
Prescription medications are often an important part of senior healthcare. Some of these medications need to be taken with food. Other medications work less effectively with some foods. Your loved one may not be able to take their medications on schedule, or may forget to take them with food, which can lead to stomach upsets and other problems. The caregivers we refer can ensure that your loved one is taking exactly the right medication in the right way, for the most effective use of these medications.

A healthy diet is important throughout a person’s life, but is especially critical for older people. If you are having concerns about your senior loved one’s eating habits and nutrition, call Florida First Health Care in Delray Beach, FL to discuss our services today.  We offer the best senior home health care in Davie, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.