Today, there are many seniors who live alone in their homes. A lot of seniors prefer this because they are happy to be in a place or in a neighborhood that is familiar to them. However, if a senior suffers a fall and is injured, he or she must leave home in order to recover in a physical rehabilitation facility that will meet their needs. Fortunately, there are some precautions a senior can take to reduce the possibility of falling at home and avoiding a stay outside of their home. Here are a couple of measures you can take to make your home as falling-free as possible.

Keeping the Furniture in a Permanent Arrangement

It’s a good idea to keep the living room, kitchen and bedroom furniture in the same arrangement. A senior is less likely to fall over a chair or an ottoman if he or she knows where it is located in a room. This is especially true for seniors with poor eyesight. When furniture items are rearranged, it can cause a senior to become disoriented and fall over a piece of furniture that is in an unfamiliar place.

Using a Cane or a Walker

Sometimes having a cane or a walker can help a senior to maintain his or her balance. If a senior feels unsteady regularly while moving around the house, a walker or cane can act as support to prevent a fall. Some seniors use walking devices even if they’ve never suffered a fall or an injury. They simply use them as backup to give them peace of mind as they move around the home. At our home care service in Delray Beach, FL, we know that having peace of mind is important for both a senior and his or her family and using a walking device can aid that.



Installing a Safety Railing in the Bathroom

Many falls occur in the bathroom of a senior’s home. That’s why installing a railing next to the toilet or in the shower can help prevent falls. A senior who feels unsteady can grab onto the railing for support. Also, many seniors put a shower chair in their shower so they can sit down if they want to. A senior may never use the railing or the shower chair, but they are there if needed.

Living in a Single Level Home

It’s a good idea for a senior to avoid walking up and down stairs in a home. That’s why having the kitchen, bedroom and living room on one floor is such a good idea. Even if a senior doesn’t live in a ranch home, he or she can choose to live on just one floor of a home with multiple areas. Perhaps one room on a particular floor can be made into a bedroom or family room for the senior to use. This would eliminate the stress of traveling up and down the stairs and the risk of falling on them.

Finally, if you’re concerned about your loved one being at home alone, we can help. Our trained caregivers can give seniors the support and assistance they need so they can remain at home. Call our home health care service in Delray Beach, FL today to learn more!