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Providing At Home Care for Aging Loved Ones

Unfortunately, some aging individuals develop medical conditions that make it difficult for their loved ones to care for them. They often require special care in order to meet all of their needs. A diagnosis such as At Home Care Services in Palm Beach | Florida First Senior Home CareAlzheimer’s can be devastating and comes with a long list of new considerations with regard to elderly care. Events like this can be stressful and painful for patients and their families. And, seeking the appropriate care for the patient often adds to this stress in a time that is already fraught with emotion. Fortunately for patients with special medical needs, affordable at home care that can lift part of the burden of such a diagnosis. This service can put patients and their families more at ease. In fact, this care is available outside of a hospital or assisted-living facility, so patients can get the highly specialized care they need in the comfort of their own home.

Individualized, Compassionate Care

At Florida First Senior Home Care, we refer clients to hourly caregivers who are credentialed, licensed, and experienced in providing at home care for patients with special needs. In addition to assistance with daily tasks such as feeding and dressing, licensed HHAs, CNAs, RNs, and PLNs specialize in providing higher level care for patients with particular needs. At Home Care Services in Palm Beach | Florida First Senior Home CareFor patients who are undergoing long-term treatment or post-surgical care, we offer professional aides who are qualified to perform assessments, manage medicine, and care for wounds. In addition, caregivers provide the individualized emotional care patients with special needs, such as dementia, require in order to live comfortably and happily. Caregiver services for patients with special needs can include monitoring of diets and eating habits, meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation, help with home maintenance and organization, pet care, and a wide variety of other tasks.

Caregivers also specialize in promoting mental stimulation through companionship, engaging with clients in conversation and attending cultural events. They provide a compassionate outlet for emotional expression for clients who are moving through a new diagnosis and learning to adjust to life with different skills and needs. If your loved one has recently been given a diagnosis that requires special care, Florida First can help! There’s no need for them to have to uproot their life to move to a large population facility. They can stay comfortably at home. Your loved one can be surrounded by their personal environment and reminders of their family and cherished memories in the space they love while still being cared for by highly qualified professionals.

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