As we age, family members move to foreign places, loved ones pass and careers are long since retired. It’s more challenging for aging individuals to retain social involvement and connections due to all of these factors and many studies show that this has a negative impact on health. Remaining active and retaining social involvement proves to be both physically and mentally beneficial for seniors. For this reason, seniors should implement both past and new hobbies and utilize community services to exercise the mind and body to keep healthy!

Rediscovering Previous Interests and Hobbies

More often than not, aging individuals who need to implement more social involvement are already retired from their careers. Now that they don’t have a job to focus on daily, it’s challenging to keep higher levels of mental stimulation. Although there may not be any more work, there is plenty of time to do things that weren’t able to be done because careers stood in the way! Post-retirement is the perfect time to do all the things you wished you could have done while working. Did you enjoy painting years ago? How about swimming? Rediscovering an old interest or hobby won’t only give you something to do and provide mental stimulation, but it will give you an excuse to meet new people! Rediscover your past interests at community events and organizations to meet like-minded peers and potential friends!

Discovering New Interests and Hobbies

More likely than not, there are certain hobbies that you’ve always wanted to try, but you have never gotten the chance. Now is that chance to explore new ideas and interests! Even if the hobby involves stepping outside of the lines of your comfort zone, you may find that you enjoy where it takes you! Check with community nonprofits and other like organizations to find monthly schedules for activities that you’ve never tried. You may find that trying something new will bring you to discover new relationships you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Volunteer within your Own Community to Increase Social Involvement

Along with exploring interests and hobbies, you can also explore how you can help individuals within your community to increase social involvement. Not only is helping others simply a good thing to do, it is psychologically proven to be mentally rewarding. There are many forms of community volunteer service including church and nonprofit soup kitchens, the local public library, or even helping another aging individual. You have years of experience and knowledge, so if you don’t mind speaking in front of people, you may even find the experience of teaching to be rewarding. Even if you just start teaching family and friends, sharing your knowledge is a community service!

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