The holidays are a time when people gather together to celebrate life, love, family and the coming of a new year. But that’s not the only reason why people get excited about this season. Most people really look forward to the cooler weather that comes with the holiday season, especially here in Florida. It can be a literal breath of fresh air for those who are used to the immense heat that usually fills each day in the Sunshine State. Although it’s beautiful weather, the cool air can also bring the threat of seasonal illness. Head colds, coughs and other illnesses and symptoms are can impact older adults this time of the year. There are also many other senior safety risks that come with the holidays. So, if you have an older loved one in your life, it’s helpful to learn some information about senior safety during this time of the year.

Safety Risks Throughout the Holiday Season

So, we’ve already mentioned that the holidays can pose some health risks to seniors because of the changes in weather that occur. Again, this cooler weather is certainly a welcome change from the warmer days that come throughout the rest of the year. However, it can create some health issues for many people. Children, young adults and seniors are all at risk for becoming ill as the weather shifts. So, as you take measures to prevent your kids from getting sick, be sure to check up on your older loved one, too! Unhealthy eating is another risk for many people. This can especially be harmful to your aging family member if he or she is suffering from diabetes or another illness like this.

Another possible safety risk during this season involves holiday decor. Many people like to decorate their homes for the holidays. This can be a fun activity and the results are usually very pleasant. However, the act of decorating can pose a threat to the safety of your older family members. The decorations are often kept in boxes that are too heavy for one person to lift. And it can be difficult for seniors to safely lift them. Also, putting up lights might require climbing a ladder to get to the higher areas of the house. There is also the risk of an electrical issue.

One other major senior safety risk is meal preparation. Being in the kitchen together as a family can be lots of fun for families during the holidays. But it can also be dangerous, especially if your loved one is unable to move around as well as normal due to a recent surgery or illness.

Here are Some Senior Safety Tips

To ensure your aging loved one is safe and sound this holiday season, be sure he or she has enough warm clothes. Also, check the AC to make sure the house is not too cold. Make sure your family member is staying hydrated, drinking enough water. Another thing you should do to ensure your loved one’s safety is to be extra careful in the kitchen. Take care to avoid burns or other injuries, not just for your older loved one but also for yourself! Speaking of food, be sure there are healthy food choices for the senior in your life to avoid any health issues. Finally, can also work to help your loved one get his or her home ready for the holidays!

Senior safety and care shouldn’t just be a concern around the holidays, though. If you’re looking for a way to make sure your family member has the care he or she needs all year long, contact us here at Florida First Senior Home Care!