With the heat that summertime brings, the fall season is always fresh and welcomed change. And, it brings the joy of two holidays, both Halloween and Thanksgiving. So, to take advantage of the perfect weather and some of the best holidays of the year, many people take part in a number of fall activities for entertainment. This fall season, consider taking part in some of these activities for seniors at home to get your aging loved one in on the fun this time of year can bring!

Decorating the House for Fall

Seniors who get the opportunity to live at home get the chance to decorate their house the way they please. This includes incorporating fall decorations! Whether Halloween or fall decorations are preferred, a trip to the store for decor is a great time for all. And, it’s even more fun to decide where decorations will be hung. If you don’t have the funds to go all out and buy already put together decorations, you can always try crafting your own. Crafts are a great way to spend time with an elderly loved one. And, they’re a great way to have fun too! Check out some of these easy DIY fall crafts.

Picking, Purchasing and Decorating Pumpkins

It wouldn’t be fall season without orange pumpkins everywhere! Not only are they festive decorations, but they are fun to pick and decorate! Pumpkin patches are everywhere this time of year. Check out your area and find one near you to take your senior loved one to. After choosing pumpkins, decorating can be done by either sculpting or painting. Don’t forget to display it once done for the neighborhood to see!

Getting In the Holiday Spirit with Baking and Treats!

It’s not Halloween without sweets. So, baking and creating treats like candy gift bags are great activities for seniors at home. Try making a pumpkin pie from scratch or even holiday-shaped sugar cookies for decorating fun. If baking or cooking isn’t your idea of a good time and the neighborhood gets trick-or-treaters, candy gift bags are always a fun and different way to celebrate the Halloween holiday as well!

Get an In-Home Caregiver to Help with Activities for Seniors at Home

Caregivers may not only provide help with activities for seniors at home during the fall season but all year long! They may be able to help with numerous aspects of these activities including transportation, shopping, cleaning up and more! If your family or aging loved one is looking for a caregiver referral, please consider our referral services at Florida First Senior Home Care. Our referred registry of in-home caregivers includes registered nurses and licensed verified caregivers to provide you and your family with anything you may need! Call us today to speak with an experienced staff member at 561-771-5980