Aging happens to everyone and it brings with it many changes. However, getting older does not have to mean having bad health and being unfit. A healthy lifestyle and good choices can help decrease the chance of illness and even decrease pains and aches which older adults can experience. Physical activities for seniors can prove to be very beneficial. A little exercise can go a long way!

Why Exercise?

Of course, exercise is not the only thing that assists in having a healthier life. But it’s definitely a step in the right direction. It is an active way for people to take charge of their bodies and make sure they stay well. Being active is not necessarily running 5 miles every morning or kickboxing once a week. It simply entails finding an exercise method or routine that works best for the particular individual. This could range from seated workout activities to daily gym visits. Whatever the choice, it is absolutely important for people to keep their bodies physically active and engaged in order to lower the risk of illnesses partially caused by inactivity. There are many different physical activities for seniors that can be implemented in their daily lives.

Ideas for Getting Fit

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the word “exercise”. But, as it was previously mentioned, working out does not need to be a completely strenuous activity that includes lifting massive weights. Here are some ideas that might generate some motivation to exercise:

  • Take a walk. One can get some fresh air by walking around the neighborhood for a while every morning or even just 4 or 5 times per week.
  • Do outdoor work. Doing work in the yard, for example, can help build endurance.
  • Stretch. Doing stretching routines can help build muscle flexibility and well as prepare the body for more rigorous exercises.
  • Take a swim. Water aerobics can be very beneficial, enjoyable and even prove to feel more leisurely than most exercise routines.

Fun Fitness

Contrary to what people may believe, physical activity does not need to be all work and no play. There are various activities which can prove this. The following suggestions can help keep older adults in shape while ensuring that they enjoy themselves:

  • Dance classes
  • Group exercising
  • Outings with family/friends (i.e. bowling with friends or picnics with grandchildren)

Do Physical Activities for Seniors Help Prevent/Control Illnesses?

It has been proven that regular physical activity can help keep individuals well. Although it may not prevent all health issues, it can assist in maintaining good health in people who may have various diagnoses. For instance, people who have diabetes can help manage their blood glucose level, or blood sugar, by walking.

More Benefits: What Else Can Exercise Do?

As one ages, everyday activities can sometimes prove to be more difficult than they used to be. Regularly working out can cause these tasks to become easier over time. Trips up and down the stairs can become less tiring. Lifting weightier objects can become less strenuous. One might be able to tie shoestrings or cook meals without becoming worn out.

Barriers: Busyness or Health Issues

It is vital to remember that bodily exercise is beneficial in more ways than one. It is a very powerful way to keep one’s body from falling into the pattern to which the human body defaults as it ages. Thus, it is imperative to make good health a priority. Health issues can be a major concern for older adults seeking to become more active. It is best to contact one’s doctor before making a choice about a fitness method.

How We Can Help

Many older adults are uncomfortable or may feel unable to carry out their desire to be more active. We here at Florida First Senior Home Care are committed to helping the elderly live their best life. We provide referrals for in-home care, with caregivers who may assist in implementing physical activities for seniors and health procedures. These certified aides are dedicated to making sure the emotional, physical and medical needs of older adults are met. Contact us today if you would like to receive a referral for a caregiver which may be able to meet all of your needs: 561-279-5470 (Boca Raton) or 954-800-6000 (Broward).