What better way to exercise the mind, express feelings and thoughtsand develop something beautiful than art. Art is not only a way to decorate a museum or home, it’s a great form of therapy. Art therapy benefits are numerous for many, but especially for aging individuals.

Providing a Sense of Accomplishment

One of the many great things about art is that you do not have to be Michelangelo to participate. Anyone can be an artist and get use out of art therapy benefits. Many seniors may not think they are artists, so they have never attempted to partake in the creation of art. Creating artwork later in life provides individuals who have never attempted doing so a sense of accomplishment. It’s never too late to pick up a new passion or hobby, even if you aren’t too good at it. And, if the art does turn out to be something you enjoy, you will undoubtedly experience pride in your work.

A Form of Expression

As individuals age, they may find it more difficult to express how they feel. Chronic conditions like Dementia or Alzheimer’s can make it challenging for seniors to say what they feel or even mean and art can provide an outlet for these emotions or expressions. Additionally, creating artwork is a calming and relaxing. It offers an escape from everyday frustrations and a way to release anger, anxiety and tension. Instead of bottling emotions inside, art therapy offers a way to express pent up negative energy in the form of beautiful artwork.

Helping with Chronic Pain

Many forms of art therapy like painting, sculpting and drawing involve the constant motions of the hands. Also, many aging individuals experience arthritis or symptoms of chronic pain as a result of other disorders. The constant movement in the hands helps blood flow that can help to reduce painful inflammation of the hands caused by these disorders. So, not only is art therapy mental therapy, but it is physical therapy as well!

Mental Stimulation

Far too often, with aging comes memory loss. As a result of Dementia or another ailment, losing memory can be challenging for both the individual and loved ones. Art therapy benefits include mental stimulation, which helps to improve memory. The brain is a muscle and it needs exercise to be able to function properly. Art allows the brain to receive that exercise so that it can remain sharp.

Ready to Experience Art Therapy Benefits?

If you or a loved one wishes to experience art therapy benefits, talk to local community establishments to find out if there are free classes to take. Or, experience the plentiful advantages of senior home care. A home care referral service can refer a caregiver to you or an aging loved one that can help with daily tasks and activities, including art therapy projects. Ready to find out if home care is right for your family? Give Florida First Senior Home Care a call today at 561-717-7224 to speak to an experienced staff member about obtaining a referral for your very own caregiver!