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Certified Family Caregiver Professional Qualifications

When you engage someone to provide care for a cherished family member, you need assurance that the home caregiver is qualified and possesses integrity, compassion, and specialized certifications. In order to provide home care, a professional must be able to display the necessary qualifications and demonstrate a soundness of character. Family Caregiver Qualifications | Florida First Senior Home CareAt Florida First, we treat your family like our family by only referring the highest-quality caregivers who have proven their honesty, capability, and passion for the job. We want you to know that your loved one is getting care from a professional, certified caregiver. So, we carefully screen all caregivers to be sure that they meet these high standards.

Caregivers Within our South Florida Network

All caregivers referred by Florida First Senior Home Care are fully screened and licensed to protect you and your loved ones. A family caregiver passes an FBI-Level 2 background check before they are eligible, and must meet several other specific qualifications. The caregivers in our network, including both general caregivers and licensed CNAs, are highly qualified and experienced. Before referring any caregiver to you and your family, we ensure that they meet all requirements and standards.

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