Often times, seniors will wish to live in the comfort of their own homes instead of at an assisted living community. Although this is great for the senior, family members may be worried about their aging loved one living alone. For these families, investigation of the home and a few safety precautions can provide immense ease of mind. Consider these home safety tips for seniors tips to make sure that your aging loved one is safe while they are at home by themselves.

Access to Emergency Services

In the case of an emergency, your loved one should have access to emergency services. Be sure that there is a working phone in the home that your loved one can utilize. Additionally, if your loved one does not already have a cell phone, you may want to consider the investment. A cell phone is a vital tool to reach emergency services if your loved one is away from home. If your aging loved one refuses to own a home phone or cell phone, there are emergency alert systems available that alert services if ever there were to be an emergency.

Fire Safety Precautions

A big part of home safety for seniors is making sure that the home is prepared for a fire. Check that there are smoke detectors and that they are fully functional. Also, make sure that your loved one is able to hear the detectors from anywhere in the house by performing tests. Lastly, keep an updated and inspected fire extinguisher in the home so that if a fire were to ever occur, your loved one has a chance to extinguish it. Make sure to keep the extinguisher in an easy-to-reach place and that your loved one is aware of where it is located.

Prevent a Fall with Railings

If there are stairs in the home, consider installing hand rails for support. This will allow your parent or loved one to access the stairs with support. Additional to the stairs, consider installing railings in the baths of the home as well. Railings will ensure support and balance when your aging loved one is performing daily tasks. Along with bathroom railings, a mat can be placed inside the tub or shower to further prevent slips.

Inspecting and Clearing the Floor

So that your loved one is better suited to move throughout the home without complications, clear the floor of any debris, clutter, or anything else that could lead to trips and falls. Also, check flooring for ripped carpet, loose tiles, or any other damage that could trip your loved one while moving around the house.

Caregiver Can Offer Home Safety for Seniors

For the ultimate home safety for seniors, caregiving services can be used. Caregivers can offer many different services. They can make sure that your aging loved one is safe in his or her home at all times so that you don’t ever have to worry. Are you interested in having a caregiver referred to your family? Give Florida First Senior Home Care a call today at 561-717-7224 or visit our website to see how our caregiver referral services can help you!